Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week 2017: The Faces of Love

Sophie – Cerebellar Hypoplasia


Sassy – FIV+

Wordless Wednesday: My Beautiful Sassy

Kylo Ren – All Black

Kylo Ren

Milton – multiple birth defects (crossed the Rainbow Bridge last year)


Radagast – disabled hind legs

Radagast the Orange

How could anyone see anything other than love when looking into these faces?

Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet

By Emily


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    You live with some of my awesomest pals! I did’t know there was anything wrong with them… in fact, I thought they were MORE special than regular cats!

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    They are all beautiful and precious! I hope more less-adoptable animals get a chance to live a happy life like your wonderful kitties!

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    Eastside Cats

    Terrific post, and wonderful photos, although Radagast just stole my heart with his soleful and gorgeous peepers!

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    The Swiss Cats

    We love your post ! Purrs

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    The Daily PIp

    I loved seeing all your gorgeous kitties! I actually posted about one of our special kitties today and didn’t even realize it was less adoptable pet week. Thanks for spreading the word about extra special pets!

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    da tabbies o trout towne

    guyz….lookz at ewe N yur gorgoeuz N hand sum selvz !!!! ♥♥♥ say hi two de rest oh de crew 🙂

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    Sam and Teddy

    If they are considered less adoptable it’s not because of THESE sweet kids, it’s because of HUMANS thinking they aren’t acceptable for adoption. They have the same amount of love to give and enjoy getting the same amount of love in return. In my mind – that’s just plain PERFECTION.

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

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    The Island Cats

    They are not less adoptable…they are special…and deserve loving homes.

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    Chirpy Cats

    We only see love and pure purrfection, nothing else!

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    Nothing’s more beautiful than those faces of love!

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    Random Felines

    we think they are ALL purrfect

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    Total love in those eyes. They’re all perfect!

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    Love is radiating from all of those precious faces!

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    We adopted two differently abled cats (both only have 3 legs). It’s really amazing how having a life changing event or the loss of a limb really doesn’t hold them back. Our youngest (with 3 legs) will wrestle with his brother (a few months older by he has 3 legs). Honestly the older one with 3 legs is the best partner. He does not hold back while wrestling with the 3 legged one. It’s not even an option. It’s really nice to see them play fight despite a disability.

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