Adventure Cat Travel Guide: Everything You Need!

Traveling with the KCC Adventure Team is one of my absolute favorite things. Our vacations are always more fun when they are with us. I will admit though that traveling with cats can be pretty involved. If you’re going to be going out-of-town with your cats, even for an over-night stay, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve planned for everything and that you’ve packed all of their essentials. Last month we shared a list of must-have gear for day-trip adventures with your cat, and this month we’ve put together this handy Adventure Cat Travel Guide for road-tripping or vacationing with your cat!

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>> Click here to download the printable Adventure Cat Travel Guide Checklist <<


1. Carrier

One of the most important things you will need when traveling with your cats is a safe and reliable carrier. Tragedy can strike in a split second, and you want to make sure that your cats are safe when riding in the car. Our #1 choice for pet carriers is the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed! Sleepypods double as both a cat bed and a carrier, allowing your cat to travel safely in the comfort of its own bed. This greatly helps to reduce any travel-related stress for your cat. Sleepypods have also been crash-tested, so you can rest-assured that your cat will be protected and safe.

Adventure Cat Travel Guide: Everything You Need! - Sleepypod
Sophie hanging out in her Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

If you’ll be flying, Sleepypod also makes the Sleepypod Air Carrier. Sleepypod Air’s unique design allows it to contract in size to fit in the space below most airline seats during the restricted times of takeoff and landing. Once the plane is in the air, the Sleepypod Air can be expanded to to give your pet more space below the airline seat.

2. Harness + Leash

A high quality and secure harness and leash are an absolute MUST when traveling with your cats! We recommend the vest-type harnesses over any other kind. They are the most secure, and your cat is less likely to be able to slip out of these. Trust me, I know from personal experience! Kylo Ren has slipped out of a step-in harness more than once. I now have vest-type harnesses for the entire KCC Adventure Team. As for leashes, really any kind will do. I just recommend that they not be too long or retractable.


1. Cat Food

Obviously your cat is going to need to eat. The KCC Adventure Team’s top choice for meal time is Wellness cat food. My gang has been eating Wellness for over five years because I can always count on Wellness to deliver on quality and nutrition. Their food is chock full of simple, pure, and authentic ingredients. Their recipes are also grain free and carrageenan free! Traveling adventure cats need a food that will give them all of the nutrition and energy they need, and Wellness does just that.

Adventure Cat Travel Guide: Everything You Need! - Wellness Cat Food

Be sure that you pack enough food to last your entire trip, plus some extra. You want to be prepared for the unexpected!

2. Water

Not only is proper nutrition important for your kitty – so is hydration! Make sure you pack plenty of water!

3. Travel Bowls

Don’t forget to pack travel bowls for all that food and water your bringing! Your cat will need something to eat and drink from! In my opinion, the Sleepypod Yummy Travel Bowl is the best for the job. These travel bowls are a 3-in-1 prepack system, which includes a spill resistant water bowl that serves as the base; a food bowl slips that into the water bowl, making the water bowl leak-free; and a lid that doubles as an extra dish, sealing the Yummy Travel Bowl and making it totally spill-proof.

Get the Gear! 10 Must Have Accessories for Your Adventure Cat - Sleepypod Yummy Travel Bowls

4. Can Cover + Can Opener

If your cat eats canned food, she may or may not go through a whole can of food at one meal. To keep the food fresh for later, be sure to bring along a reusable can cover to keep the can covered in the fridge. A can opener is also a must-have item if your cat’s canned food doesn’t have pop tops. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forgotten a can-opener when traveling with the KCC Adventure Team. it is a small but vital accessory!

5.  Utensils

You’ve got to have a way to get the food from the can into the food bowl!

6. Cat Treats

You can’t go anywhere with your adventure cat without some treats. That would be grounds for mutiny! Thankfully, Wellness makes some of my gang’s absolute favorite grain free cat treats – the Wellness Kittles! They come in a small bag, so they are easy to pack, and they also come in several delicious flavors. We never go on a trip without them!

Beauty Supplies

Like I said before, you want to be prepared for everything when traveling with your cats – including situations that might require you to bathe your cat. After having to stop at a gas station mid road trip to give Sophie a bath on more than one occasion, I’ve learned my lesson and will ALWAYS travel with the following “beauty supplies.”

1. Cat Shampoo
2. Towels
3. Brushes

Traveling with a Cat - Beauty Supplies


1. Disposable Litter Box

Your kitty is going to need to “use the facilities” at some point during your trip, so don’t forget to pack at least one disposable or portable litter box. I always pack two, just in case.

2. Litter + Scoop

Unfortunately, most types of litter are usually pretty heavy. Thankfully though, there are several lightweight versions available on the market. You’ll also need a scoop to clean the box.

4. Plastic Grocery Bags

We usually use a litter genie to dispose of scooped kitty waste, but those aren’t very travel friendly. Instead, plastic grocery bags make great poopy bags while on the go. Plus, they are free!

5. Big Trash Bags

I bring along 2-3. You need something to put the disposable litter box in when you’re done with it!

6. Hand Broom + Dust Pan 

Tracking litter out of the litter box is inevitable. You’ll need a hand broom and dust pan to clean up those litter messes. Don’t leave that mess behind for the housekeeping crew!

Traveling with a Cat - Toiletries

Hotel Reservations

While not an item to pack, hotel reservations at a pet-friendly hotel are still a must-have when road-tripping with your cat. Though finding a pet-friendly hotel can be difficult, we are excited to say that you can always count on Red Roof Inn for all of your pet-travel needs! Red Roof Inns are always pet-friendly, plus pets stay free of charge! No hidden charges, no cleaning fees! Sounds too good to be true, right? It gets even better… Red Roof even offers their guests traveling with pets 10% off their stay! *Cue the singing angels

Make sure you make your reservations ahead of time so that you don’t get caught by surprise if the hotel is already booked. You also want to let the hotel know you will have your cat with you. While their general rule is that they only allow one pet, the last one we stayed at allowed us to bring Kylo Ren, Sophie, and Lucy. Just be sure you ask before bringing multiple pets, as not all of them may allow it.

The KCC Adventure Team at Red Roof Inn
The KCC Adventure Team checking out their room at Red Roof Inn
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1. Identification + Records

Don’t forget to pack your cat’s identification tags, an updated health certificate, and a photo of your cat. Though I certainly don’t wish a tragedy on you, you want to be prepared just in case. Having ID tags on your cat’s collar is important in case your cat gets outside, and having updated health and vet records are a must in case your cat needs to see a vet while on your trip.

2. Pet First Aid Kit

Having a travel-size pet first aid kit is a MUST! Once again, you want to be prepared for anything. Having the things you need to treat your cat as best as you can until you can get her to a vet is super important. Items you’ll want to include in your first aid kit are:

  • a pair of latex gloves
  • medical tape
  • gauze pads
  • antiseptic wipes
  • self-adhesive bandages
  • tweezers
  • scissors
  • styptic pencil
  • q-tips

You can put together a kit yourself, or find one online. (Though many of the pre-packaged kits are lacking some essential items and will need to be modified.)

Miscellaneous Items

1. Pet Waste Bags

If you’re going to be adventuring with your cat outdoors while on your trip, you will definitely need some disposable (and preferably biodegradable) pet waste bags. Picking up the poop is not just a requirement for dogs!

2. Toys

Need I say more? Seriously, you can’t travel with your cats without their favorite toys. Not only do toys make your cat feel more at ease if they get nervous, they are also a great source of entertainment. The KCC Adventure Team’s personal favorites are always wand toys.

Adventure Cat Travel Guide: Everything You Need! - Cat Toy

3. Camera

No vacation is complete without a camera to document all of the fun! Whether it’s your phone camera, a point and shoot, or a DSLR, you’ll definitely want photos to commemorate the day with your adventure cat. A video camera is also a plus. Our personal favorite is the GoPro! Great photos and video all in one, plus it’s durable and water proof! 🙂

I hope this comprehensive travel guide will help to ease some of your planning stress when traveling with your cat(s)! Though it may seem overwhelming at first, I promise it gets easier once you and your cat fall into a travel routine.

>> Click here to download the printable Adventure Cat Travel Guide Checklist <<

Adventure Cat Travel Guide: Everything You Need!

Have you ever traveled with your cats? What is on your Adventure Cat Travel Guide Checklist?

By Emily