Caturday Acrobatics with the KCC Gang

We are taking a break from our series on the Love Languages of Cats to share a fun video with you that we like to call CATURDAY ACROBATICS! Yes, it is technically Friday, not Caturday, but we wanted to get our weekend started early! So take a couple of minutes and enjoy watching Sampson and Kylo Ren leap through the air after their favorite toy – STICK!

They go nuts for this thing! I can’t let them actually catch it or else they won’t let go… Sophie got a hold of it at one point with her jaws of steel. She didn’t even drop it for treats!

Caturday Acrobatics: Sophie and Her Feather Stick

As you can see, group playtime with wand toys is a favorite activity around here for both kitties and humans! We aim to have some quality playtime together every day. It’s great for human-kitty bonding, as well as kitty-kitty bonding.

We hope all of our furiends have a wonderful weekend!

Do your cats enjoy playing together as a group? Do they go as crazy for their toys as mine do for this feather wand toy?

By Emily