Our Second Charleston Adventure: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Last week we took a trip to Charleston, SC and brought Kylo Ren, adventure cat extraordinaire, with us! Charleston is an extremely pet-friendly city, so we were able to find quite a few fun things to do with Kylo. One of our favorite activities of the entire trip was our visit to Magnolia Plantation and Gardens.

Our Second Charleston Adventure: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is one of “America’s Most Beautiful Gardens,” according to Travel + Leisure Magazine.  It was founded in 1676, making it the oldest public gardens in America. We can attest to it’s beauty and had a wonderful time exploring the different garden areas.

In addition to the gardens, Magnolia Plantation also offers several other activities, such as a plantation house tour, a nature tram tour, and a swamp boat tour – all of which are pet friendly! We didn’t do any of those things though because they cost extra money. We just stuck to meandering along the garden paths, which kept us busy for a couple of hours.

Our Second Charleston Adventure: Kylo Ren at Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Our Second Charleston Adventure: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
Kylo and Me in the bamboo garden

Kylo Ren did amazingly well walking around on his leash. He really loves to follow paths, so we just let him lead the way and followed along behind him.

Our Second Charleston Adventure: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens
Behind the scenes shot of me videoing Kylo Ren

There was so much to see, from swampy waters, to hedge mazes, to azalea gardens, to alligators, birds, and snakes! Yes, we really saw an alligator and a snake! I don’t think Kylo noticed either one though, thankfully.

Our Second Charleston Adventure: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Our Second Charleston Adventure: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

Kylo Ren eventually led us to an observation tower, so we climbed up the stairs to see what kind of bird’s eye view we would have from on high. Spoiler alert – it was an awesome one!

Our Second Charleston Adventure: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

After a little while, we had to stop and take a break. Walking around the gardens is awe-inspiring and fun, but it can be exhausting too!

Our Second Charleston Adventure: Magnolia Plantation and Gardens

After an exciting afternoon of exploration, we eventually headed back to our Airbnb rental. We had to rest up and refuel for our next adventure… (check back on Monday for more on that!)

We put together a little movie of our Magnolia Plantation and Gardens trip. You can see how well Kylo walks on his leash, as well as a clip of him and Bobby climbing a tree together. Don’t miss it!

Click here to view video on YouTube

By Emily


  1. Reply


    Wowee! How furtastic was that!
    Kylo Ren is amazing on the leash. He seems to not have any trepidations about strange things or new places.

    Pipo leads his pawppy around the den like that, too…only he is not on a leash:)

  2. Reply


    What an exciting adventure! I wish Charleston wasn’t so far away – my human would love to take me there.

  3. Reply

    Random Felines

    what fun….all those trails look wonderful!

  4. Reply


    What a beautiful place. Love the bamboo garden. And the view from observation tower is amazing! Looks like Kylo Ren had a wonderful time. He is really adventurous 🙂

  5. Reply

    da tabbies o trout towne

    dood !! thanx for sharin yur add venture…..we gived ya pawz up over at de ewe toob place !! we liked how ya knot onlee beet yur dad in climbin de tree but ya beet yur mom two de top oh
    de climbin tower…..thiz garden’z total lee kewl …..we waz like…WHOA…..look how tall de grazz is
    { bamboo } ☺☺♥♥

  6. Reply


    That is a beautiful place to see. Middleton Gardens is gorgeous too. I lived right next to Middleton Gardens and ran the boarding stable at Middleton Oaks. Glad you had such a good time.

  7. Reply

    Kamira Gayle

    What a great place to spend the afternoon. Great video too. Kylo doesn’t mess around either. Quite the adventurer for sure. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Reply


    What a great place!
    Have a wonderful weekend…

    Noodle and crew

  9. Reply

    The Island Cats

    How fun! And Kylo Ren handled it like a pro!

  10. Reply

    Ellen Pilch

    That looks like a fun place.

  11. Reply


    I have to admit my favorite picture is of Kylo Ren cuddled up with Daddy on the bench. I can’t wait to meet all of you at the Conference!

  12. Reply


    I love Kylo’s spirit of adventure. He really likes to go after it! Looks like you and he had a great time!

  13. Reply


    Thanks for showing that cats like to get out and discover the world too! I keep sharing these with my cat peeps.

  14. Reply


    I’ve always wanted to take my little ones on adventures to the great outdoors, but I’ve been way too nervous.

  15. Reply

    The Dash Kitten Crew

    Oh this is so thrilling! Thank you for showing us a part of the USA we may never otherwise see (like we could see everything 🙂

    This has been such a treat and Kylo Ren did take you to some pretty cool spots. Thank you for an adorable video. Totally magic!!

  16. Reply

    Beth Patterson

    It looks like you had a great time! I am amazed at how confident Kylo Ren is walking around in a new environment.

  17. Reply

    Jana Rade

    You always think that hikes and outdoor adventures are strictly a dog thing. I laughed when we visited one of our Canadian parks which had a “Pet Exercise Area.” Truth to be told, all you ever see there are dogs. But I’m sure a kitty would enjoy such thing.

  18. Reply

    Heather Wallace

    Charleston is a city I’ve always wanted to visit, and I’ll make sure to see Magnolia Gardens. It is absolutely stunning. I am glad that Kylo Ren enjoyed his walk and all the amazing sights and smells.

  19. Reply


    Beautiful photos! I love Charleston. I actually went there for my honeymoon 🙂

  20. Reply

    Tenacious Little Terrier

    What a gorgeous place to walk. Although I wouldn’t want to run into an alligator or snake!

  21. Reply

    Ruth Epstein

    What a beautiful place to go for a walk and that it is pet friendly is double awesome, great video, thanks for sharing with us

  22. Reply


    Wow! That is such a beautiful place. I bet Kilo Ren was excited to get to go there. He looks like he had a lot he wanted to see. I hope that my cats end up enjoying going on adventures as much as yours do. 🙂

  23. Reply

    Sweet Purrfections

    It’s been a long time since I’ve visited Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. There are several beautiful plantations in South Carolina, especially near Charleston. I didn’t realize it was pet-friendly.

  24. Reply

    Talent Hounds

    Magnolia Plantation and Gardens look wonderful and what an adventure for Kylo Ren- he looks like a mini panther in the video but walks so well on leash. I hope it wasn’t a poisonous snake too close and that the alligator wasn’t hungry.

  25. Reply


    Wow! That is one of those places you feel blessed to have experienced. I love that Kylo Ren is able to participate.

  26. Reply

    Kitties Blue

    1) Bobby’s music was perfect with the video.
    2) Kylo Ren really is an adventure cat. Mom says she wouldn’t be able to keep up with him.
    3) Looks like a gorgeous place. Mom and Dad didn’t visit there when they were in Charleston.
    4) Loved the video.

    Sending love to all and Astrid is sending extra special love and kisses to her husband.
    XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  27. Reply

    Jenna Hughson

    Oh my goodness its gorgeous there!!

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