Kylo Ren Sports a New “Do”

Last Wednesday Kylo Ren went in for his first dental. It was actually the first time I’ve ever taken any of my cats to get their teeth cleaned. I knew the day would eventually come, but I wouldn’t have guessed that Kylo would be the first to need a cleaning, since he is only just over a year old. Usually it’s older cats that need their teeth cleaned, or so I thought.

Kylo Ren had his annual check-up exam the week before. I mentioned to the vet that he had chronic bad breath, and when they checked his teeth they found that he had some dental issues going on. His gums were red, and his teeth were showing signs of decay. The vet recommended that he get a dental cleaning ASAP.

I felt awful. How did he have such bad teeth at such a young age? It it because of something I did or didn’t do? Is it my fault? What could I have done to prevent this? All of these questions were racing through my mind. My vet assured me that his bad teeth were not the result of any neglect or poor care on my part. He said Kylo could have bad teeth so early for a number of reasons – genetics, poor nutrition and care when he was a kitten, an autoimmune issue, etc.

Kylo Ren Sports a New "Do" - Bootsie

While I was relieved that it wasn’t my fault Kylo has bad teeth, I still felt bad. My poor baby was suffering! I scheduled a dental for him for the next available appointment. I wanted to address the issue head on and as soon as possible!

Wednesday came, and I dropped Kylo off for his cleaning first thing in the morning. I was a big ball of anxiety; worried about Kylo having anesthesia and worried about what they might find when cleaning his teeth. I was glued to my phone all day, awaiting the call from the vet telling me that Kylo was awake and okay.

The call finally came, and they informed me that they had to remove 4 teeth, some of which were already falling out or broken. Poor Kylo Ren! 🙁 At least they are out and not causing him anymore pain or discomfort!

Though the vet said that Kylo will most likely need a dental cleaning at least once a year, he did say that it would help if I brushed his teeth myself every day. I will admit that I have never brushed my cats’ teeth (despite knowing that I should), so this will be an interesting journey! I’ll let you know how it goes…

In the mean time, Kylo Ren is sporting a new “do,” thanks to the vet. (They had to shave his legs to do the blood work and anesthesia.) We’ve been calling him Bootsie 🙂 What do you think of this new style? Does it suit him?

Kylo Ren Sports a New "Do" - Bootside cut after dental cleaning

By Emily