The Love Languages of Cats: Caster

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we are talking “The Love Languages of Cats” on the blog this month. Unfortunately, many people don’t see cats as loving animals, but I’ve grown to realize this is just because they haven’t learned to understand a cat’s love language yet! We hope to shed some light on the many different ways cats may express their love by sharing about how the six crazy cats in our home express theirs. We started the series on Wednesday with Sophie’s Love Language, and today we will be sharing about Caster’s!

The Love Languages of Cats: Caster

Caster is on the opposite end of the “lovey spectrum” from Sophie. While Sophie is our most overtly lovey cat, Caster is definitely the most subtle when it comes to expressing love. His love language can be easily misunderstood and even misconstrued to be mean. However, once you learn his language, you will come to find that he is actually a big ol’ sweetheart.

Caster is a brute of a cat. He is big, fast, and strong, and he LOVES to run around the house whapping everyone, climbing the walls (literally), getting into trouble, and instigating wrestling matches. He is not a lap cat. He doesn’t purr. He doesn’t snuggle. He doesn’t give head butts. He doesn’t give kisses or love bites. Oh, and he doesn’t have a sweet meow – he has a whine and a grunt. Until you’ve learned to speak “Caster,” he just seems like a wild and crazy bully.

It took some work on our part, but we finally figured out that all of that whapping, grunting, and tackling is Caster expressing his love! If he is nervous or around someone new, he is well behaved, quiet, and calm. He was that way when we first rescued him too. It wasn’t until several days after joining our family that he started acting like the curmudgeon that he is. We’ve come to understand that Caster doesn’t just whap, tackle, or chase anybody – he only does that to the people and other kitties that he loves and is comfortable with. Once we realized that and started participating in his craziness with him, rather than getting annoyed, our bond with Caster deepened and a whole new level of lovey came through.

Caster in the Bathroom - Love Languages of Cats
I must say that Caster is the cutest bathroom helper

Now, he has a very sweet morning ritual of “helping” me to get ready in the mornings. When I get out of the shower, without fail, Caster is always there waiting for me on the bathmat outside of the tub. As I’m doing my hair and makeup, he sits on the bathroom counter watching me. When I’m finished, I pick him up and we walk over to the little window in the bathroom and look out onto the backyard together.  Then we make our way into the kitchen for breakfast, and he paws at my knee until I pick him up again so we can look out onto the backyard from the kitchen window.

He has developed quite an affinity for the bathroom actually. Besides hanging out with me when I get ready, he accompanies my husband or me whenever we use the restroom. He runs in and rubs against our legs until we’re done. Then he asks to be picked up so we can look out the window together.

As you can see, Caster definitely has his own unique love language, and it’s not an easy one to understand. I certainly don’t understand why he is the way he is, but I love and appreciate him for who he is. Perhaps he isn’t cuddly or purry or loving in the traditional sense, but he has his own ways of expressing his love, and I think they are endearing. I will let you in on a little secret though… every once in a while, something comes over him, and he decides that snuggling, purring, suckling, and making biscuits aren’t so bad. 🙂

The Love Languages of Cats: Caster Snuggling
A rare occurrence of Caster snuggling, suckling, purring, and making biscuits!

Do you have a cat with a complicated and hard-to-understand Love Language? If so, how did you finally come to understand it?

By Emily