The Love Languages of Cats

I am blessed to say that my life is full of love. I share my home with a wonderful husband and 9 lovable fur babies. It doesn’t get any better than that, in my opinion. My 6 cats are a huge source of love in my life. I’ve developed a strong bond with each of them because I’ve learned to understand and speak their individual love languages. Love languages don’t just apply to romantic relationships – they apply to parent/child relationships, friendly relationships, and even pet relationships. I always marvel at how anyone could think that cats aren’t loving, but I’ve grown to realize that these people just don’t understand how cats show their love. They haven’t learned to speak a cat’s Love Language yet!

In the hopes of shedding some light on how cats may show love, I am going to be doing a “Love Language” series this month in honor of Valentine’s Day. In each post, I am going to share about how each one of my cats expresses their love – their individual love language. There are so many Cat Love Languages out there, probably as many as there are cats; some of them more obvious and some of them more subtle. And just like with humans, if you learn to speak a cat’s love language, you will be amazed at how your relationship with them explodes!

First up is Sophie!

The Love Languages of Cats: Sophie

Sophie’s Love Language

The Love Languages of Cats: Sophie Snuggles Dad
Sophie nuzzles into her daddy’s neck. I sense a Chin Bite coming on!

Sophie’s Love Language is one that just about everyone speaks. When she is being lovey (which is most of the time), you won’t miss it! She’s never met a person she didn’t win over – even self-proclaimed “not-cat people.” So how does Sophie speak “love?”

  • She snuggles. Big time. All the time. If you are sitting or lying down, she wants to be right there with you, snuggled up as close as she can get. Neck snuggles, arm pit snuggles, under-the-covers snuggles – you name it, she loves it. Her favorite spot at bed time is between my husband and I, right up by our heads.
  • She purrs. Loudly, and almost always. Just simply touching her will start up that purr machine of hers. Which usually leads to her wanting to snuggle. It’s a never ending cycle.
  • She demands to be picked up and held. If you aren’t giving her the attention she wants, she will follow you around, meowing and chirping at you until you pick her up. Which leads to purrs, which leads to snuggles. See, I told you… never ending cycle.
  • Sophie’s purrs and snuggles sometimes lead into what we like to call her “Signature Lovey Move” – the Chin Bite. This may not sound like a loving thing, but for Sophie it is one of the most loving things she does. When she is in full-on snuggle mode, at purr level 10, she will reach up and bite your chin. She usually bites pretty hard too (and has even drawn blood before). Though I don’t understand why Sophie does this, I have learned what it means. It means she loves me. Hey, love hurts sometimes, doesn’t it? 😉
The Love Languages of Cats: Sophie
Sophie in her Valentine’s Day dress

As you can tell, it is easy to understand Sophie’s Love Languages (for the most part). For many cats though, this isn’t the case. As I share about my other cats’ love languages, you will see what I mean!

What about your cats? Do they have a Love Language similar to Sophie’s?

By Emily