Lovey Lesson #3 with Sampson: The Jump & Suckle

Alright, folks – get out your pen and paper, and get ready to take some notes! Dr. Sampson Dot Suckler Hall is in the house, and he is ready to impart some serious lovey skills onto you! That’s right – he is going to be revealing the details behind one of his signature Lovey Moves… The Jump & Suckle! It’s been two years since he last revealed the secret behind The Suckle, so you know this is a rare treat.

Lovey Lesson #3 with Sampson: The Jump & Suckle

The Jump & Suckle

Welcome, everyone, to Lovey Lesson #3: The Jump & Suckle! This Lovey Move is pretty advanced, so I hope you reviewed your notes from my first lesson on The Suckle. After all, you can’t learn about The Jump & Suckle without first learning The Suckle!

As you know from my previous lesson and from the post about my Love Language, I love to suckle on my mom and dad’s necks. I know it’s weird, but it’s just one of the ways I show them that I love them. I perform this move when they’re lying in bed, on the couch, or pretty much whenever my mom picks me up. These kinds of suckles are easy to get because their necks are RIGHT THERE!

But what can you do if you want some suckles, and your mom or dad are not within suckling range? YOU JUMP TO THEM! Watch closely…

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You see what I did there? My mom was putting the laundry up and tidying up the bedroom, but I wanted her to pay attention to me and let me have some suckles. So I got onto the bed, and then leapt onto her from there. It looks simple enough, but there are some key points you will want to make note of:

  • Start small. I can clear a distance of 5-6 feet, but that’s after years of practice. Try with just a 1-2 foot jump to start with.
  • Make sure that your target sees you before you jump. If you jump onto them when they’re not looking, they most likely won’t catch you, which means you’ll have to use your claws to stick the landing. Your target will not appreciate that. Trust me, I know from experience.
  • This kind of goes back to my previous point, but be sure to train your human for The Jump & Suckle as well. My mom recognizes the signs for when I’m about to perform this move, so she will put down anything she’s holding and turn to face me. It’s much easier this way.
  • Countertops, beds, dressers, ledges, etc. are not required. The Jump & Suckle can be performed from the ground as well.
The Love Languages of Cats: The Sampy Suckle
Sampson Suckling

I think that covers it! If you have any questions or need help perfecting your Jump & Suckle Move, let me know. I’m here to help!


By Emily


  1. Reply

    Lone Star Cats

    Nice move! I’m a good jumper, but I haven’t tried suckling yet.

  2. Reply


    That is an awesome trick, Sampson! I don’t know if my human will help me learn it, though.

  3. Reply

    Three Chatty Cats

    Great tutorial, Sampson! I think my kitties could learn a thing or two from you.

  4. Reply

    da tabbies o trout towne

    dood !!!! we give ya 984 pawz up…that JUMP waz awesum….we gotta add mit tho we wood prob a blee purrform jump and vampirez ~ 🙂 ☺☺♥♥

  5. Reply

    The Swiss Cats

    Amazing ! Great lesson, Sampson ! Purrs

  6. Reply

    Kitties Blue

    Sampy, you are so talented. I am good for a six-foot horizontal jump; though, I don’t always stick the landing. I have never tried jumping to Mom or Dad. I know I would end up using my claws. It’s just who I am. The last few months I have started burrowing into Mom’s neck in the morning when she is in bed. I have not tried the suckle. I was naughty this week. Glad you didn’t see that post! I love you bunches and bunches and am sending a bajillion kisses, Astrid

  7. Reply

    caren gittleman

    OMC that jump is hilarious!!

  8. Reply

    Ellen Pilch

    I am most Impressed. Cute video.

  9. Reply

    The Island Cats

    We don’t think we could ever do that as good as you, Sampson.

  10. Reply


    One of our furblings in the past was a suckler and a jumper, too…but he nevfur combined them:)

  11. Reply


    This is a great lovey lesson, Sampson! The video is epic! Making sure the target sees you before jumping is a really great tip. I’m sure the target would appreciate to know what’s coming 🙂 Jump & suckle is a great love language. You are such a sweetheart, Sampson 🙂

  12. Reply


    Sampy, you’re a great instructor. Thank you for sharing your secrets with us!

  13. Reply


    Sampson you are the bestest kitty a mom can have. Except for us other special kitties too.
    Purrs my friend

  14. Reply


    Fantastic leap! One of my kitties loved to suckle on my hair.

  15. Reply


    Awww … you are such an adorable (and handsome!!) mancat, Sampson. Astrid’s very lucky to have such a talented and sweet husband.

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