A Play-Date with Sophie & Yeezy | #WobblyWednesday

It’s been a big week for the Adventure Team! Saturday we took Kylo Ren canoeing, and Sunday we took Sophie out for her first play-date. One of our best Instagram furiends and fellow Adventure Cat, Yeezy, lives just down the street from us, so we finally planned a meet-up.

A Play-Date with Sophie & Yeezy | #WobblyWednesday - Yeezy Cat in the Wilderness
King Yeezy in the mist of the wild jungle

Sophie always enjoys meeting and making new furiends, so I had no doubt that she would become fast friends with Yeezy. I wasn’t wrong! She and Yeezy got along famously!

A Play-Date with Sophie & Yeezy | #WobblyWednesday
Should we go this way or that way?
A Play-Date with Sophie & Yeezy | #WobblyWednesday
How about we just snuggle instead!

Sophie also tried to make friends with every person and dog that walked by. Though she was disappointed that I wouldn’t let her follow them all, she still had a great time. She’s already looking forward to her next big date with Yeezy Cat. Luckily that won’t be too far off because Yeezy and his parents are going to the BlogPaws Conference next month! That means many of our blogging friends will also have the chance to meet Yeezy. In the meantime, you can check out his blog and Instagram page.

Until next time!

A Play-Date with Sophie & Yeezy | #WobblyWednesday

Have you ever taken your cat out for a play-date before?

By Emily