All of Your Sugar Glider Questions Answered

Last Monday, we shared some cute photos and some fun facts about Jubilee & Sydney the Sugar Gliders. We also opened up the comments for any all questions that our readers may have about them. We got some good questions, and today we will be answering them!

All of Your Sugar Glider Questions Answered: Jubilee & Sydney the Sugar Gliders in their Coconut
We are here to answer all of your Sugar Glider questions!

Ellen from 15 and Meowing asked:

What is the life span of sugar gliders?

Sugar gliders can live up to 12-15 years! This is definitely a much longer lifespan than most “pocket pets.” Unfortunately many people don’t realize what a big commitment gliders are, so there is a high turnover rate for them. If you’re not in it for the long haul, we recommend looking into hamsters instead.

Will they need to be spayed/neutered?

With sugar gliders, the spay surgery for a female is complicated and invasive, as they have two uteri. A spay surgery would be very difficult for such a small animal to withstand, so it is only done in extremely rare cases if there is a medical issue. To keep male and female gliders from reproducing, the male is neutered (it is an easy procedure), but the female is left intact.

Some breeders will have their male gliders neutered before selling (unless the buyer plans on breeding as well). This was the case with Jubilee. He was already neutered when we got him. Sydney has not been spayed, so she does go into heat. However, there is no outward sign of her heat cycle other than her behavior – she acts a little crazier and barks more.

Do they go to the bathroom in one specific area?

Unfortunately, no. I won’t sugar coat it: they go wherever and whenever they feel the urge – including on their people! Whenever I take them out of their cage to play, I always put on clothes that are already dirty. We also stay either in their pop-up tent or the bathroom so that I can easily clean up any messes. Thankfully, their “messes” are very small and easy to clean though. If you are interested in sugar gliders, be prepared to be pooped and peed on! 🙂

Sugar Glider in Trash Can
I make up for my bathroom habits by being so darn cute!

Jeanne from Random Felines asked:

Since you have a girl and a boy, do you have a vet that does spay/neuter? How hard was it to find an exotic vet?

I do have a vet who does neuters, but as mentioned above, Jubilee’s breeder neutered him before I got him. Finding an exotic vet was actually super easy! Unfortunately our regular vet does not treat sugar gliders, but he recommended one to to us who does that is just down the street! Finding exotic vets isn’t always so easy though, so I definitely recommend finding one BEFORE you add any gliders to your family. You wouldn’t want to get caught in a situation where you need immediate veterinary care but have nowhere to go.

Our furiends from Trout Towne asked:


What is their favorite thing to snack on besides the normal sweet stuff?

Well, they are definitely big fans of anything sweet! Some of Jubie and Sydney’s favorite things are cantaloupe, yogurt drop treats, and honey. They LOVE to lick honey off my fingers 🙂 Gliders in general also like to eat meal worms, though I haven’t gotten any of those for Jubie and Sydney yet. I got them freeze-dried ones before, but they didn’t like those. I have a feeling they would much rather have lives ones… :-/

What is the furthest Jubilee & Sydney have ever glided?

I just recently started trying to teach them to glide actually. Jubie and Sydney are still young, and gliding is something they have to learn and work up to. As of right now, they’ve only ever jumped maybe 2-3 feet. Now that they have bonded to me, we can start to work on gliding more. I’ll be putting them on lower surfaces, like the bathroom counter, and standing back a few feet with a treat to try to coax them to jump to me. Then we’ll graduate to further and higher distances, like the shower curtain rod! Eventually they should be able to glide over 150 feet! We shall see…

Jubilee the Sugar Glider on Shower Curtain Rod
Jubilee on the shower curtain rod

Janet from The Cat on My Head asked:

How do they get the rings on their tails?

Jubie and Sydney LOVE to carry their plastic ring toys with their tails. I’ve only just recently witnessed them doing this, and it was one of the cutest things ever! It’s hard to describe, but I’ll do my best (and will eventually catch it on video to show you!). They start by grabbing the ring with both of their front feet. Then they flip around and through the ring, like a gymnast spinning around on an uneven bar. As they come back through the ring, they loop their tail around it.

Here are a couple of pictures that sort of show them tail carrying. Sorry for the poor quality…

Sugar Glider with Ring Toy

Sugar Glider Carrying Ring Toy with Tail

We hope this post was informative! If you ever have any other questions, please feel free to contact us anytime!

By Emily