Tricycle and Friends: A #WobblyWednesday Book Review

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Last month, Bobby and I had the privilege of visiting Horse Creek Stable Bed & Breakfast. For those who haven’t read our post (go read it now!), Horse Creek Stable is home to a myriad of rescue and special-needs animals of all varieties. They have dogs, chickens, llamas, horses, and donkeys. One of their rescue dogs is a golden retriever with cerebellar hypoplasia – Hope. Meeting Hope was an unforgettable experience, but meeting all of Hope’s friends on the farm was also a treat.

Our Stay at Horse Creek Stable Bed & Breakfast of Blue Ridge, GA - Llamas & Donkey
Me with a few of the Horse Creek Stable residents

One of Hope’s friends is Tricycle, a three-legged golden retriever who calls Horse Creek Stable “home.” Tricycle is the inspiration behind the book Tricycle and Friends: True-Life Adventures of a Three-Legged Golden Retriever and His Rescued Farm Animal Friends. This book is written by Lester Aradi, who owns and runs Horse Creek Stable with his wife Diane.

“Based on a true story, Tricycle and Friends shares a story about a group of rescued animal friends and their real-life journey of serving as therapy animals for children with special needs. Through story and pictures, it addresses topics such as adoption, bullying, dealing with physical challenges, death of a companion, and friendship.” –Online Summary

Though the book is more of a children’s book, I think the lessons and stories are enjoyable for anyone. I know I love it!

Lester does a wonderful job of depicting life on the farm through the eyes of his and Diane’s rescue animals. As you read through the book, you are introduced to several of the farm residents, and you get to hear a bit about their back-story and how they came to live at Horse Creek Stable. There are also several photos of the animals, mixed in with illustrated pictures, so you get to experience the cuteness of Tricycle and his friends!

Tricycle and Friends is a wonderful book to teach children about love and acceptance, despite physical handicaps or past experiences. I love how Tricycle explains to Buckaroo the therapy donkey how he doesn’t let his disability get in his way. “When I make up my mind, I can do anything,” he tells Buckaroo. I can’t help but think of Sophie when I read that because she, along with Tricycle and Hope, is a perfect example of that statement.

As “mom” to a home full of rescue animals, several of which are special-needs, Tricycle and Friends hit home with me. Raising awareness for special-needs animals is one of my biggest passions, so I especially appreciate all that the Aradis are doing at their farm and through this book. You can tell that they really have a heart for rescue, and this book shows it!

Get a copy for yourself, you kid-friends, your local schools or libraries – anyone! It is truly heartwarming. I highly recommend it to everyone of all ages.

Even more, I highly recommend taking a trip to Horse Creek Stable to buy your book in person. Not only will you have your book pawtographed by Tricycle himself, you’ll also get to meet him, the Aradis, and all of their amazing animal friends!

>> Click here to purchase your very own copy of Tricycle and Friends <<

P.S. Tricycle and Friends is intended to the first book of many, so be on the lookout for more installments!
P.P.S. Every dollar the Aradis made from the sale of this book goes towards caring for the rescue animals on their farm.

By Emily


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    This sounds like such a sweet book.

  2. Reply

    Eastside Cats

    Oh my gosh, that photo of Emily looking up from her book is just priceless!
    And isn’t it time that we all accepted that not one of us is the same as the other? Differences are the best part of things! Gawd, hanging around with a clone of myself would be horrible…
    (Said to no one in particular, but we have so much finger-pointing going on right now!)

  3. Reply

    Lester Aradi

    Bless you for showcasing our book Tricycle and Friends. Every dollar that we receive helps with the care and feeding of our rescues. Your support is very appreciated. Lester & Diane, Horse Creek Stable Bed and Breakfast.

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    Melissa & Mudpie

    What a sweet book! And that picture of Sophie “reading” it is just priceless 🙂

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    Sounds like a wonderful book! Looks like Sophie is enjoying it 🙂 I hope this book reaches many children (and adults as well) and helps them grow into loving and accepting persons!

  6. Reply

    Amelia Johnson

    Thank you for introducing us to Horse Creek Stable Bed and Breakfast. This sounds like a fun and education al place for both adults and children. A book is the best business card…kudos to Lester and Diane for sharing their love of animals and allowing other people to support their rescue efforts.

  7. Reply

    Cathy Armato

    I loved your post on Horse Creek Stables B&B! This book sounds so delightful, what a great idea to write a children’s book based on their amazing rescue life. Sharing.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

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    da tabbies o trout towne

    this sounds like a wonderful book; thanx for the link. I enjoyed the Horse Creek post and learning all about it; I hope tricycle ☺☺ sells a bazillion copies ! ♥♥

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    Kamira Gayle

    I’ll have to check out your post about the horse stable B & B. I love your pic with the horses. Classic. This book sounds very sweet and a great tool to share with pets and kids! Sophie looks adorable as a model.

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    Random Felines

    love the picture of Sophie reading the book. might be a good one to buy and donate to our local children’s hospital

  11. Reply

    The Dash Kitten Crew

    Oh this looks a brilliant book. Make sure you add it to your Gifts for Christmas post later this year!!!

    Sophie is a total star (and we mentioned her in our RememberMeThursday post too

    Better go do some shares!!

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    Tenacious Little Terrier

    Adorable photo of Sophie reading. I’m impressed by all of their rescue efforts! It sounds like a very sweet and educational book for kids.

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    That sounds like such a sweet book! I love that it’s about real rescue animals and teaches kids about compassion and acceptance. Horse Creek Stables sounds like a great place to visit too!

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    Dear Mishu

    Wonderful post. Can Sophie teach me how to read? That would be extremely nice of he!!!

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    Sweet Purrfections

    This sounds like a wonderful little book. If I were still a teacher, I’d buy it in a second!

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    Ruth Epstein

    This sounds like an amazing book cos as a teacher when there are lessons to be learned especially about animals I am happy, thank you so much for telling me about it

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    Sandy Kubillus

    I’ll have to get this for my nephew for Christmas. It sounds like a great book. I just put it on my wish list for when I do my Christmas shopping.

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    Horse Creek Stables sounds like an incredible place. I’m adding it to my list of places to visit. What a wonderful book!

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    Ellen Pilch

    That book sounds amazing. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for the loss of Phoebe. XO

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    Brian Frum

    Sweet Sophie, we know if Mom and you like it then it’s a keeper!

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    That is a good book for teaching and learning. Thanks for sharing!

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