Join me for #WobblyWednesday - CH KittyJoin us for #WobblyWednesday, our weekly hashtag party that raises awareness for special needs animals everywhere! We have been using this tag on our blog and social media accounts to share photos, videos, and stories relating to Sophie and cerebellar hypoplasia. We invite YOU to join us! The invitation is open to ALL special needs animals, not just those with CH. Our goal is to raise awareness and show the world that special needs animals are just as deserving of love as “normal” ones!

To participate, all you have to do is share a photo, video, and/or story relating to any special needs animal, and use #WobblyWednesday along with your post. You can do this on any social media outlet! This is a great way to not only share stories about YOUR special needs pets, but also to highlight adoptable special needs pets as well.

The goal is to have lots of people using this hashtag every Wednesday in support of special needs animals everywhere. Please help us spread the word, and we hope to see lots of posts!


#WobblyWednesday Interviews

If you have a special needs pet or know of one that we should feature, please contact us and let us know!

Weeble & Tippy – two CH kitty brothers
Reese – a puppy mill survivor with a heart murmur
Rolo – a dog with epilepsy
Cooper – a three-legged dog
Grace – a fellow CH kitty
Arwen – a cat affected by the Feline Influenza virus
Pearl – a cat born with no toes or claws on her back feet
Oreo – a cat missing his two back feet and tail