The 2017 KCC Adventure Cat Holiday Gift Guide

♫ It’s the most wonderful time of the year! ♫

The 2017 KCC Adventure Cat Holiday Gift Guide

Yes, we are talking about CHRISTMAS TIME! One of my favorite parts about Christmas is gift giving. I love picking out the perfect gifts for my friends and family, of course, but I also love picking out the perfect gifts for my adventure cats! I keep an eye out for fun toys and accessories for them throughout the year and look forward to stuffing their stockings and wrapping their gifts. You’re in luck because we are sharing our 2017 KCC Adventure Cat Holiday Gift Guide to help you get a jump-start on your kitty cat Christmas shopping! We’ve got you covered from the big ticket items to fun stocking stuffers – everything that an aspiring or experienced adventure cat should have!

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The Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed

The 2017 KCC Adventure Cat Holiday Gift Guide - Sleepypod Mobile Pet BedWe’ve talked about the Sleepypod several times on our blog before, but that’s just because we love it so much and think that every cat should have one! Whether your cat is an experienced adventurer and traveler or whether your cat only rides in the car when going to the vet, she should be traveling in the luxury and safety that the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed offers.

Sleepypods double as both a cat bed and a carrier, allowing your cat to travel safely in the comfort of her own bed. This greatly helps to reduce any travel-related stress for your cat. We leave our Sleepypods out around the house all the time, and my cats love napping in them.

Why we love our Sleepypods: Not only has the Sleepypod been crash tested, it has proven to hold up and protect pets in real-life car accidents. When we road trip with the KCC Adventure Team, I can rest easy knowing that my cats are safe on those long car rides. Plus, they come is super fun colors!

Already have a Sleepypod? Check out these cool accessories to go with it, like the Sleepypod Universal Warmer Kit! Or preorder the new Violet Sleepypod!

>> Click here to purchase the Sleepypod Mobile Pet Bed <<

The Pioneer Pet Cat Climber

The 2017 KCC Adventure Cat Holiday Gift Guide - Pioneer Pet Cat ClimberIf you’ve done any kind of reading about how to “catify” your home, you’ve read about vertical space. Outdoor and indoor adventure cats alike need and love having places in their home to climb and get up high. That’s why they love cat trees and refrigerators so much! 🙂

We have all kinds of vertical hang out spots for the cats around our house, but one of their newest favorite vertical hang outs is the Cat Climber by Pioneer Pet®! The Cat Climber is a four-tiered shelf system that hangs on the back of any standard door in your home. It is very sturdy and can be easily be moved around from door to door if you like to change things up. It also has a sisal post, which is always a hit.

Why we love our Cat Climber: It gives my kitties the vertical space they need and love, and they can all enjoy it together. It’s great for my indoor adventure cats who don’t get to go out and experience the outdoors. We have ours hanging on a door that gives them a great view out our front windows too, so they can enjoy some Bird & Squirrel TV.

>> Click here to purchase the Cat Climber for your kitties! <<
Other “Vertical Space” Gifts

These other vertical space gifts are great as well, because they give your cats some creative and new ways to get up high and climb. Your adventure cats will thank you for providing them with some indoor stimulation for when they are stuck indoors 🙂

Armarkat Cat Tree – has multiple tiers, scratching posts, a hammock, and a teepee!

CatastrophiCreations Cat Mod Lounge Hammock – These mount on your wall, and you can buy multiple ones to create your own custom layout!

Fun Stocking Stuffers for the Aspiring Adventure Cat

Is your cat just getting started with adventuring? These are some must-have items the stuff your adventure cat’s stocking!

Kitty Holster cat harness – the vest-style harnesses are our favorite kind because they are super secure and safe. The Kitty Holster comes in several colors and sizes, so your adventure cat will always be hip and stylish when out on the trail!

The 2017 KCC Adventure Cat Holiday Gift Guide - Kitty Holster cat harness

Sleepypod Yummy Travel Bowl – these are the best way to travel with your cat’s food and water while out on an adventure. The 3-in-1 system allows you to store both the food and water without worrying about the two mixing or leaking!

Get the Gear! 10 Must Have Accessories for Your Adventure Cat - Sleepypod Yummy Travel Bowls

Rainbow Cat Charmer – every adventure cat needs some fun toys to bring along on their trips! This is one of Sophie and Raddy’s most favoritest toys!

RoloRat – an electronic toy and another favorite of the KCC Adventure Team. Check out our review of it.

Caster & Sophie with RoloRat

Yeowww! Catnip Banana – every cat goes nuts for these things!

Gift Ideas for the Experienced Adventure Cat

If your adventure cat already has all of the must-have gear and you’re wondering what more you can get her, don’t worry! Here are some fun ideas for even the most experienced adventurer…

Fish and Shark Life Vests – so your water-adventure cat already has a regular, boring life vest. Dress things up a little with these fun shark and fish life vests! And please send us picture of your cat in these when you get them 😀

The 2017 KCC Adventure Cat Holiday Gift Guide - fish life vest The 2017 KCC Adventure Cat Holiday Gift Guide - fish life vest

Pet Camping Tent – does your adventure cat enjoy camping? He probably needs his own tent then! How cute is this?!

The 2017 KCC Adventure Cat Gift Guide - pet camping tent

We hope that we’ve given you some fun gift ideas for adventure cats of all experience levels! Enjoy this wonderful holiday season!

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