Kylo Ren Explores Rose Hill Cemetery

One of Kylo Ren’s most favorite places to visit is Rose Hill Cemetery. A cemetery may seem like an odd place to adventure with your cat, but there are a few reasons why it is a perfect adventure cat destination.

  • Cemeteries are usually pretty quiet – minimal people, cars, sounds, etc. to spook your kitty.
  • If you have an old, historic cemetery in your town, they can actually be quite beautiful and scenic. Plus, you may learn some interesting tidbits of history.
  • There are so many paths and sidewalks to explore! This is precisely why Kylo loves them so much.

Kylo Ren Explores Rose Hill Cemetery

Kylo LOVES to follow paths. Put him on a path, and he will follow it until it ends (or until we have to turn back). Seeing as cemeteries are full of sidewalks and paths, you can understand why visiting one would be so exciting for him.

Kylo Ren Explores Rose Hill Cemetery

Kylo Ren Explores Rose Hill Cemetery

While there are many cemeteries nearby, Rose Hill is our favorite one. First opening in 1840, it is both the oldest and the largest cemetery in Macon. It was actually designed to be a a gathering place for the people of Macon, as well as for visitors of the city. The landscape is beautiful, with many hills and valleys. There are also tons of old monuments and headstones, which are interesting to look at.

Kylo Ren Explores Rose Hill Cemetery

Kylo Ren Explores Rose Hill Cemetery

Rose Hill is also the final resting place for three of the Allman Brothers Band members: Duane Allman, Gregg Allman, and Berry Oakley. For those who don’t know, the Allman Brothers Band was from Macon. They used to hang out at Rose Hill and write music. In fact, one of their most well-known songs, “In Memory of Elizabeth Reed,” was named after a headstone they saw in the cemetery.

Kylo Ren Explores Rose Hill Cemetery - Allman Brothers Band monuments
Kylo observes the grave sites of Duane Allman and Berry Oakley of the Allman Brothers Band

You can also find the grave sites of governors, mayors, senators/congressman, and military officers and soldiers at Rose Hill. It is packed full of history!

Kylo Ren Explores Rose Hill Cemetery

Kylo Ren Explores Rose Hill Cemetery

You can watch Kylo Ren explores the cemetery paths in our short little video clip:

What is YOUR adventure cat’s favorite spot to visit?

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By Emily


  1. Reply


    Wow, what a cool cemetery to visit! I’m not sure the ones in Los Angeles allow animal visitors – I should check it out!

  2. Reply

    Random Felines

    That is so interesting

  3. Reply

    da tabbies o trout towne

    dood….we gotta say ewe R total lee rockin that jackit !! ♥♥ 🙂

  4. Reply


    Sounds like a fascinating place!

  5. Reply

    Eastside Cats

    Cemeteries usually are quiet and peaceful! Although once, we were in a cemetery when a person’s dog got loose, so we helped to block the dog’s escape by fanning out over the grounds (I was with about ten people). Some cemeteries are used for bridal and prom photos, since they are park-like, and usually have really nice landscaping!

  6. Reply

    The Island Cats

    What fun, Kylo Ren! You look great in your hoodie.

  7. Reply

    Ellen Pilch

    That does look like a nice place for kitties to explore.

  8. Reply

    The Swiss Cats

    What a beautiful place ! Purrs

  9. Reply


    Kylo, you are so very brave! Ellie thinks you’re handsome too 🙂

  10. Reply

    Mollie Hunt

    I enjoy old cemetaries and seeing the history they hold, but I have never brought my cats with me. It does seem like a good place though, since it’s quiet and peaceful. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Reply

    Amy Shojai, CABC

    What fun! Cemeteries are fascinating historical places to visit–just reading the markers and such. Kylo certainly is a stunning kitty cat!

  12. Reply

    Ava at Savvy Pet Care

    What a great idea. Here in Gold Country, we have lots of wonderful historical cemeteries. They do sound like the perfect place to work up to bigger adventures. My biggest concern is that Christy might panic and slip out of her harness. She has done that twice, once in our yard and once in the hotel at BlogPaws! Have you found a harness they can’t get out of or is that just not something you’ve had to worry about?

    1. Reply


      I don’t have to worry about Sophie slipping out of her harness, but I do have to worry about it with Kylo and Caster. Kylo slipped out of his harness one time at a local park. It was the kind of harness that they step into, and it snaps on behind their shoulder blades. Those are very easy to slip out of. I now only use the vest style harnesses, and none of my cats have ever slipped out of those.

  13. Reply

    Seville at Nerissa's Life

    I can kinda see how visitin’ a cemetery would be nice. Very peaceful and quiet, as you say. And sometimes there are even benches and stuff where you can sit for a bit. Or a pond you can look out upon and think. PURRS.

  14. Reply

    Sonja of Montecristo Travels

    I love that you have an adventure cat. 🙂 We do cemeteries on the reg. One of the best ones to date has been the one above Florence in Tuscany and … Paris. Some seriously interesting people buried there.

  15. Reply

    The Dash Kitten Crew

    Oh what a lovely post.

    Kylo-Ren obviously loves to be out and he is so cosily dressed too. I can imagine that this must be a perfect place to take him for a walk, peaceful, and not too many silly dogs coming up to say hello 😉

    He is totally fearless an just wants to explore doesn’t he? What a guy!

  16. Reply

    Three Chatty Cats

    Great post! I can see why Kylo Ren would like adventuring through the cemetery. He makes it look so cool with his nifty coat, too! Such a cool cat. 🙂 Great shots as well.

  17. Reply

    Kamira G.

    Oh my plenty of places to check out and explore in that big cemetery! And that makes sense he’d like it because there’s less noise! Kylo is mighty stylish in his jacket while playing too…just sayin! 😉 Looking good!

  18. Reply

    Jodi Clock

    Been there many times. I’m still in awe how you can get your cat to walk on a leash!

  19. Reply

    Joely Smith

    That is so cool about the Allman Brothers! I LOVE this idea and we do have a historic cemetery we can take our cats to! They ARE quite and very pretty places and we can pay respect to those passed while there. Cats are very spiritual animals after all!

  20. Reply

    Sweet Purrfections

    I loved watching Kylo Ren walking on his leash in the cemetery. He looks so comfortable! Mom Paula says she’s definitely old enough to remember the Allman Brothers, especially since they were from the South.

  21. Reply


    Kylo looks ADORABLE in his little hoodie! Gathering at cemeteries in Europe to celebrate ‘All Saints Day’ is something I recently learned from a colleague. Interesting history lesson about the Allman Brothers.

  22. Reply


    So much fun! My cats don’t really go out of the yard but now that I saw this, I want to take them on a trip or something 😀 I don’t know if I already said this on one of your previous posts but I LOVE your cat’s name. Can I steal it if I ever have another cat?

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