Coming Soon: The 5th Annual KCC Easter Egg Hunt

In just two short days, the members of the KCC Gang will be going head to head in the 5th Annual KCC Easter Egg Hunt! They’ve been preparing themselves mentally and physically for the last few weeks. It takes a lot of focus, stamina, and strength to be a champion, after all.

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This year we will be hiding 50 treat-filled Easter eggs and 1 Grand Prize Egg around the house for the kitties to hunt. Sampson has been the reigning champ for the past four years, but will he be victorious again? I’m not so sure… he’s got strong competition in Caster and Kylo Ren! It will most likely be a close hunt.

Let’s take a look at the previous years’ scores…

The Stats

The 4th Annual KCC Easter Egg Hunt

Sophie: 0
Kylo Ren: 2
Sassy: 5
Delilah: 10
Caster: 18 + Grand Prize Egg
Sampson: 20

The 3rd Annual KCC Easter Egg Hunt

Sophie: 2
Delilah: 6
Sassy: 7
Caster: 14
Sampson: 14 + Grand Prize Egg

The 2nd Annual KCC Easter Egg Hunt

Sophie: 0
Caster: 3
Delilah: 3 + Grand Prize Egg
Sassy: 5
Sampson: 11

The 1st Annual KCC Easter Egg Hunt

No score records, other than Sampson won




The Competitors

Sampson Headshot


As you can see, Sampson has been the clear winner each year. He is quite athletic and agile, and he has a nose that can sniff out a treat a mile away!



Caster Head Shot


Caster gives Sampson a run for his eggs though! He has risen through the ranks year by year, improving his game each time. Will he pull through as the victor this time?



Kylo Ren Head Shot


What about Kylo Ren? He was the Rookie last year and didn’t score very high. He instead preferred to chase the other kitties as they hunted. Perhaps a year of maturing and honing his skills will be enough to put him at the top though!



Delilah Head Shot


Then there’s Delilah… she always starts out strong and seems like she will win, but she loses steam about halfway through. Has she learned to pace herself this year?




Sassy Head Shot


Sassy has her own private egg hunt and usually does pretty well. She just doesn’t have the food drive that the boys have. You never know though, she could surprise us all!




Sophie Head Shot


And finally, sweet Sophie. It’s not her wobbliness that keeps her from being the champ. She can scale the cat trees and climb, jump, and play with the best of them. Like Sassy, she just doesn’t have a strong food drive to motivate her to hunt those treat-filled eggs! She makes a super cute cheerleader though! 😀



The 5th Annual KCC Easter Egg HuntWhat do you think? Who will be the crowned champion this year? Weigh-in in the comments below, and check back on Monday for the results!

By Emily


  1. Reply


    Wow. That is a huge Sophie filled Eater Basket!

    No clue as to who might win…though, given the odds we think it might be Sampson, MOL!!!

  2. Reply


    This is such a fun event! I can’t wait!

    BTW, I just want to say… this is a totally weird coincidence, but I have the exact same dress as Sophie in the video – and I was wearing it when I happened on your post!

  3. Reply

    Lola The Rescued Cat

    We love your Easter egg hunts! Hmmm… this year we’re going with Caster

  4. Reply

    Madi and Mom

    Put a little nip in those eggs and I’ll win paws down
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. Reply

    Ellen Pilch

    I can’t wait!!! I look forward to this every year.

  6. Reply

    The Swiss Cats

    Caster made progresses every year : let’s say Caster for this year ! Purrs

  7. Reply

    Tenacious Little Terrier

    We’re rooting for Caster. You can do it! Find all the eggs!

  8. Reply


    We loved the movie! Me-Wow there will be fun at the home this weekend. Our Mr Buttons has a super sniffer and Dad has some eggs ready for own hunt.
    Happy Easter
    Timmy, Dad Pete and Family

  9. Reply

    The Daily Pip

    This is so adorable. I think Sassy and Sophie should team up together. I bet they would be an unbeatable team – especially in cuteness!

    1. Reply


      Wow, you are so talented at video making! I’m very excited with the egg hunt event! Sampson has been really great and Caster is very skilled, too! Sophie is the cutest cheerleader 🙂 I hope everyone has a fun time! Happy Easter!

  10. Reply


    I LOVE THIS!!! I can’t wait to see who wins! Sampson looks like the favorite, though I bet Caster will give him a run for his eggs 🙂 I love the video – truly, it’s brilliant.

  11. Reply

    Brian Frum

    I don’t think Sophie will get skunked two years in a row!

  12. Reply

    Hindy Pearson

    What a fabulous post, and love love love the video!! Sounds like an amazing event, can’t wait to see the results. Your wall is so cool I bet your house is absolute heaven for those kitties.

  13. Reply

    Amy Shojai, CABC

    Oh my CATS! This is such a fun concept. I’ve seen doggy egg hunts before, but not for the cats and Karma would be all over this–esp if Greenies were involved. Can’t wait to see the results.

  14. Reply


    I’m so voting for Sophie. I like an under(cat)! Even if she doesn’t win, her cheering will more than make up for it. 🙂

  15. Reply

    The Island Cats

    We look forward to this fun event again! We can’t wait to see who wins this year.

  16. Reply

    Jana Rade

    Well, I would vote for Sophie. She does look very sweet.

  17. Reply


    I love how people aer doing Easter egg hunts with their pets! My dogs would love it.

  18. Reply

    Kamira Gayle

    Hmm my bets are on Sampson. However I’ll root for the underdog too…so maybe Kylo Ren will surprise everyone. Either way hope you all have a great time! Happy Easter.

  19. Reply

    Denise Gruzensky

    Oh my goodness, this is SO MUCH FUN! Right down to the Stats and Athlete profiles! You are also a talented video producer. I can’t wait to see this year’s results!

  20. Reply


    I’m on Team Sophie. Come on, Sophie, show ’em what you’ve got, girl!

  21. Reply

    Ruth Epstein

    Pawsome, go for it all of you and we cannot wait to hear who won, have a wonderful Easter

  22. Reply

    Ruth Epstein

    Pawsome, go for it all of you and we cannot wait to hear who won, have a wonderful Easter

  23. Reply

    The Dash Kitten Crew

    Our egg money is on Kylo Ren, a year older, a year wiser and OK we admit it still as playful as a bunny but we have hopes.


    We love the video!!!!!!

  24. Reply

    Tonya Wilhelm

    hahaha That is really a great idea! How much fun do your kitties have everyday? Loads. I love watching your videos.

  25. Reply

    Beth Patterson

    I bet it was an eggciting competition this year! Congratulations to the official winner, but I think they are all winners in this hunt!

  26. Reply


    We’re thinking this might just be Caster’s year! And we hope Sophie finds LOTS of eggs this year. 🙂

  27. Reply

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  28. Reply

    Cathy Armato

    These are some tough competitors! I look forward to seeing the results of this champion egg hunt. I love your video, it’s so great. The music is just perfect.
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

  29. Reply

    Bryn Nowell

    Okay, so your video KILLED ME! So awesome and clever! Thank you for making me smile! I can’t wait to hear who won this year and to see your fun photos! I love your rundown of the competitors. This rivals the Puppy Bowl, in my opinion.

  30. Reply


    I’m going to have to see how everyone did! This is such a fun Easter egg hunt. I’m glad that all of your pets get into it. My kitties like to find catnip-filled eggs. If I had to guess who won (I haven’t looked at the results) I would say that Delilah had another great year!

  31. Reply

    Sweet Purrfections

    I can’t wait to read who wins this year. I still pull for Sophie (that’s because I’ve met her in person) to win. I’m looking forward to meeting others at BlogPaws this year. Loved your video!

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