We’re on Baby Bird Watch!

BREAKING NEWS: We are currently on baby bird watch! This last week, we discovered that a bird has built a nest in the wreath on our front door, and she has laid eggs!

I’ve only caught quick glimpses of her as she flies out of her nest, but she is brown and white and has brown speckles on her belly. I know absolutely nothing about birds, but after coming across The Birders Report online, I emailed photos to them for an ID. Momma Bird is a Carolina Wren!

We're on Baby Bird Watch: bird's nest on front door

We're on Baby Bird Watch: bird's nest with eggs

Larry from The Birders Report said that Carolina Wrens are tight nesters, which means that once the mom starts incubating, she only leaves the nest if approached closely. The dad brings her food while she incubates. To keep from disturbing this little bird family, we have blocked off the front door and are using our side door. But I will check up on them every couple of days to make sure that all is well. I can’t wait for the babies to hatch! We are expecting them sometime next week!

What does this have to do with cats, you ask? Well, do you see the white hair inside the nest? That is Sophie’s fur! Whenever I brush the kitties, I always throw their fur clumps out into the yard for the birds to use. I’m glad to see it’s going to good use. And I like to think that Sophie has contributed to the lives and well-beings of these birdies 🙂

By Emily