Back Yard Adventures with the KCC Adventure Team

We are having serious adventure withdrawals over here! The KCC Adventure Team hasn’t been outdoors in weeks because it’s been way too hot. Not only is it just plain miserable, it’s also not safe for the kitties to be out in the heat. We’ve been hoping and praying for it to cool down some, but unfortunately 90 degree weather will be our norm for a while longer. While that means we can’t get outdoors for a big adventure anytime soon, I decided to take my own advice and have a little back yard adventure this past weekend.

Back yard adventures are nice and easy because I don’t have to load the cats up in the car and pack a bunch of gear. Plus, we can easily just go back inside once we get too hot. There’s also plenty to keep everyone entertained in the back yard.

Before bringing the cats out, I laid down a picnic blanket beside Milton’s tree, along with some bubbles and my phone for pictures. Then one at a time I brought the KCC Adventure Team Members out for a short back yard adventure. (Because Bobby was busy, I could only take one cat out at a time. I don’t like handling multiple adventure cats at once – I’m too paranoid for that!)

Back Yard Adventures with the KCC Adventure Team - Caster

First up was Caster! Caster is our adventure-cat-in-training. Because he is just starting out, the back yard was a perfect adventure destination for him. My idea was that we would enjoy some relaxation time on the blanket and take in the surroundings, but Caster didn’t want anything to do with that. He wanted to be up and about, exploring the yard. I walked him around for a little bit, which he loved. He is a natural!

Back Yard Adventures with the KCC Adventure Team - Caster

Sophie was up next. She was much more into my blanket-time idea than Caster was. Though, of course, she decided to lay in the grass just beside the blanket rather than on it. I blew some bubbles for her too, which she enjoyed watching.

Back Yard Adventures with the KCC Adventure Team - Sophie

Kylo Ren, on the other hand, was not into the bubbles. He did enjoy laying around on the blanket though!

Back Yard Adventures with the KCC Adventure Team - Kylo Ren
Get. That. Bubble. Off. My. Paw.

Back Yard Adventures with the KCC Adventure Team - Kylo Ren

Though the back yard adventure was fun, I must admit that it didn’t last long. It was too hot and humid, and I kept getting bitten by mosquitos. Oh the joys of Georgia summers. Fall, are you at least on your way yet?!

By Emily


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    It looks like your trio had a nice time – I am so glad to see our temperatures are going down into the upper 70s this week! That means I can go out more. It has been too hot here on the West Coast for me to go out too.

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    Random Felines

    we hope the hots leave soon so you can get back to adventuring!

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    Oh yes Georgia summer…so hot and sooo humid! It may have been short, but looks like kitties enjoyed fun outdoor time 🙂 I hope the fall will arrive soon!

  4. Reply

    caren gittleman

    I am sure they had a great time regardless!

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    Eastside Cats

    Those mosquitoes really put a damper on things, and now the yellow-jackets are buzzing around like crazy too. I try not to move my hands too quickly when I’m around The ‘O’ Cats, so they don’t get scared…but getting one’s ears buzzed is no fun.

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    The Swiss Cats

    We’re sure they all had great time during their backyard trip ! Purrs

  7. Reply

    Lone Star Cats

    We know all about the heat, humidity, and skeeters here in Texas too.

  8. Reply

    The Island Cats

    Hopefully it will cool down so you can get back to your adventures!

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    Ellen Pilch

    Bubbles outside was a great idea. I can’t wait for the Fall, it has been very humid this summer.

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    Sounds like everyone had a fun outing, even if it was short due to the heat & humidity.

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    Hot is not fun at all, even when we are in A/C, that feels too cold on my furs…youcan’t win, though at least I can get into a nice cozy nest with the cooler temp inside than out! You all had fun times outside in your own way:)

    I hope it cools down enough so that you can have real catventures!

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    Lola The Rescued Cat

    You guys are SO lucky that you have a backyard for a short adventure. Lexy and I are ready to be suburban cats.

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    We are glad you got to have a little bit of backyard fun, gang. But we hope it cools down soon, so that you can do some real adventuring! 🙂

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    Sweet Purrfections

    You are doing so well with getting the kitties outside and on adventures. I wish I’d done this with the girls when they were younger.

    It’s been miserably hot here the past few days, so I feel your pain.

    Mom Paula

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