The Case of the Hand Towel Chomper

In case you weren’t aware, we live amongst a bunch of shoe chewers, sponge stealers, cereal eaters, crust bandits, wall climbers, lamp breakers… the list goes on. Just when I think I’ve seen it all… when I think that there couldn’t possibly be another crime to solve… when I think the criminals around me have maybe even reformed. THIS happens:

The Case of the Hand Towel ChomperI’ve seen similar holy towels, and even a t-shirt, lying around the house a few of times over the last couple months, but I dismissed these incidents as “husband faux-pas.” I figured Bobby just must have accidentally ripped the towel, or that he is just really bad a doing laundry. All plausible explanations. However, I began to suspect foul play after taking a closer look at the hole.

The Case of the Hand Towel Chomper

Bobby can’t possibly be that bad at laundry. I questioned him, and he was just as flummoxed as I was. “Looks like your classic Hand Towel Chomper case,” he said.

But who could it be? And why?!

We are reaching out to our furiends yet again, in hopes that you all may be able to help us solve this most bizarre crime.

The suspects:
Delilah's Mug Shot
Sampson's Mug Shot
Sophie's Mug Shot
Sassy Mug Shot
Caster - Mug Shot
cat on shelf
Kylo Ren
Jubilee & Sydney Snuggling
Jubilee & Sydney

Please share your suspicions on the comment box tip-line below. Anything helps.

By Emily