4 Destinations Close to Home to Visit With Your Adventure Cat

If you are ready to get out there with your adventure cat but are thinking that you don’t have anywhere cool nearby to visit, think again! Adventures don’t always have to be some big elaborate road trip, camping trip, or kayaking trip. You may be surprised to find that there are plenty of destinations close to home, right in your own back yard – literally!

4 Destinations Close to Home to Visit With Your Adventure Cat

*Remember to always keep your cat on a secure harness and leash while out on adventures. Even if you’re just in your back yard, and even if your yard is fenced in. All it takes is one loud noise to send your cat bolting away. Better safe than sorry!

Your Backyard

Going out on an adventure with you cat doesn’t necessarily have to be a big and involved trip, especially if you’re just starting out. Your own backyard is full of plenty of exciting things! There are all kinds of new sights and sounds that are entertaining for a kitty.

Get the Gear! 10 Must Have Accessories for Your Adventure Cat - Sophie with her favorite toy on her Cloudpuff Blankie

Take a stroll through the yard or grab a picnic blanket and enjoy a peaceful time of relaxation together. Bringing your adventure cat’s favorite toy for an outdoor play session is also a fun idea. It adds a whole new level of excitement to play time. Then there’s our new favorite backyard activity: BUBBLES!

Pet Stores

Pet stores are always a fun adventure cat outing! I enjoy taking the kitties to the pet store because it exposes them to new sights, smells, and sounds, and they also get acclimated to meeting new people. Plus, they get to help pick out new toys and treats!

4 Destinations Close to Home to Take Your Adventure Cat - Caster at PetSmart
Caster’s very first adventure was at PetSmart! He loved it!

If you are just starting to train your cat for adventures, I suggest visiting during a time when the store isn’t super busy. The pet store where we frequent often has adoption events on the weekends, so there are tons of dogs and people all over the store. Not an ideal environment for a cat who is still getting used to adventures. To begin with, try visiting during the morning, afternoon, or late evening on a weekday when the store is less crowded.


One of the neatest outdoor adventure spots we’ve discovered? Schools! On the weekends, they are deserted and quiet. They have plenty of cool places to explore. Sometimes they even have little trails and paths through the surrounding woods. AND THEY HAVE PLAYGROUNDS! Need we say more?

4 Destinations Close to Home to Take Your Adventure Cat - Sophie on the slide
Sophie enjoys going down the slides!

Local Parks

4 Destinations Close to Home to Take Your Adventure Cat - Sophie in TARDIS library
One of our local parks has a TARDIS library!

Our town has several parks scattered around, some of them bigger than others and some with more amenities. They are all good for different things.

We have one park that we enjoy that is about the size of a city block. It has some shady areas with paved walking paths, and it also has an open field. We like this one for just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather. It’s perfect for strolling and laying out a picnic blanket for some R&R or even a little playtime.

Our absolute favorite park, however, is several acres large. Amerson River Park is located beside the Ocmulgee River and has paved walking trails, biking trails, playgrounds, and a canoe put-in. This is the KCC Adventure Team’s most frequent haunts, whether we go to relax, take a hike, or go canoeing.

Explore your local parks – figure out which ones are your favorites, and take your adventure cat along! Even if you don’t have any large parks nearby, the small ones are full of plenty of entertainment!

Hiking & Canoeing with Kylo Ren, Adventure Cat
Kylo Ren on a hike at Amerson River Park

Before you hit the outdoors with your cat, there are a few essential items we recommend getting. Check out our post:

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What is your favorite local spot to visit with your cat(s)?

By Emily


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    These are great suggestions! Although I have to say, the parks in our area (Los Angeles) tend to be way too crowded and there are too many dogs. They are probably a lot quieter in most towns.

  2. Reply

    Random Felines

    plus some of those stores have fish and other stuff to look at 🙂

  3. Reply


    It’s a great list. We go to pet store and local park, but never thought of schools! I bet Sophie enjoyes the slide 🙂

  4. Reply

    Eastside Cats

    Angel and Chuck are adventure cats in our yard (and the neighbors) but haven’t thought about taking them anywhere else. They dislike the car so, but that’s because they only go in when it’s a vet visit!

  5. Reply

    caren gittleman

    Those are great tips if you have a cat that LIKES going out MOL! Our “favorite local spot” to visit? THE COUCH………MOL! MOL! MOL! MOL!!

  6. Reply

    The Swiss Cats

    Those are great ideas ! Purrs

  7. Reply

    The Island Cats

    I wish I could spend more time in my backyard. The mom needs to take me out more. ~Wally

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    Very cool! I’m afraid that I don’t have any adventurous cats yet (all are rescued ferals), but maybe one day…

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    If I was going to learn bout catventures, I would start in my yard, there is a woodsy area in the back third of our one acre fenced purr-purr-ty, so it would be ideal to explore! Even dog-guy loves to rummage around in there…

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    I’d never thought of these (other than the yard). I think Ellie might actually be okay at BlogPaws next year … so I’m just starting to consider what I need to do to get her there.

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