The Day My Dog Bravely Protected My Cat

Lucy has been with us for almost two years now. For those who are new readers, Lucy belonged to my parents prior to living with us. They had to make the tough decision to re-home her with us because she and their other dog were no longer getting along, and it was dangerous for Lucy. We welcomed Lucy into our home with open arms, but as she had never been around cats before, we didn’t know what to expect. We were pleasantly surprised to find that Lucy didn’t mind the cats at all.

Until this last week, I would have told you that Lucy doesn’t mind the cats, but she doesn’t overtly care about them either. I would have said that she had a “take them or leave them” kind of attitude.Β Today I would tell you that Lucy loves her kitties and views them as her family. That she would put her safety on the line to protect them. Why?

Because she did just that.

For the last two weeks my husband and I have been dog-sitting for some friends. They have a big white dog named Tater who is nothing but a lazy love-bug. We adore Tater and always enjoy taking care of him when his family is out of town.

The Day My Dog Bravely Protected My Cat - Tater

Up until a couple of months ago, Tater had a beagle “sister” named Georgia. They were best buds, but when Georgia crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, Tater started suffering from depression. While taking care of him over the last couple of weeks, I did my best to cheer him up and spend time with him, but I always felt guilty leaving him alone at his house when my visits were over. So Bobby and I decided to bring him over to our house one afternoon to hang out with us and with Lucy!

Tater had never been around cats before, so we put away all of the cats in our bedroom while he was over. He’s a big dog, and we didn’t want to take any chances.

Tater and Lucy were fast friends and enjoyed a fun day together. It was heartwarming to watch.

The Day My Dog Bravely Protected My Cat - Lucy & Tater

The Day My Dog Bravely Protected My Cat - Lucy & Tater

Because things were going so well with Tater, we thought that we would bring Sophie out to see how Tater reacted to cats. Sophie LOVES dogs, so we knew that she would be excited to see him.

We put Tater on his leash, and Bobby got a good hold on him to make sure that he wasn’t going anywhere. I held Sophie in my arms and let Tater see her from afar. His tail was wagging, and he seemed interested, so we got a little closer. I let Tater sniff her tail. Then I knelt down with her so they were on eye level with each other but with Sophie still out of reach. Sophie immediately started purring, and Tater also seemed interested in excited.

I would have thought things were going well, until Lucy told us otherwise.

Lucy walked over to us, visibly shaking, and positioned herself in between Tater and Sophie. She looked up at me with a look that clearly conveyed her message: “No. This is not a good idea.” Bobby and I looked up at each other, wide-eyed, completely taken aback by Lucy’s actions. Despite the fact that she was obviously scared, she stood her ground until I stood up with Sophie and put her back in our bedroom with the other kitties.

Tater hadn’t growled or done anything that indicated he had ill intentions, at least not that Bobby and I noticed. However, Lucy had obviously picked up on something that we couldn’t, and she put her safety on the line to protect Sophie. We certainly weren’t going to question that.

I can’t tell you how moved Bobby and I were by what Lucy did. Knowing that she has a history of being attacked by a large dog yet was still willing to position herself in front of a one whom she believed was a danger to Sophie, all for Sophie’s safety, is incredibly touching.

The KCC Adventure Team Goes to Florida - Lucy Dog on the Beach

We loved Lucy before, of course, but we now have a much deeper affection for her. And we see her interactions with the kitties in a whole new light. Lucy has never been an overly affectionate or playful dog. I suppose that’s why I never thought she had any strong feelings towards the cats.

Now I see that her sitting on the rug in the middle of all the cats when we’re having group play time with their favorite wand toy is her way of spending time with her pack. I see that she actually loves running down the hallway with the cats when they are excited and active. I see that she thinks of the kitties as her family, and she loves them.

They all love her too. We all do.

Sophie & Lucy - adventure duo
Lucy & Sophie out on an adventure together!

By Emily