The Case of the Hand Towel Chomper: Solved

On Monday, we shared some details on our current open mystery, The Case of the Hand Towel Chomper. It was a real doozy – one that had left us scratching our heads. However, we are happy to announce that the case has been closed! Before we reveal the perpetrator, let’s take one last look at the evidence…

The following hand towel (henceforth known as Exhibit A) was recently found on the kitchen counter with a hole eaten out of it.

The Case of the Hand Towel Chomper
Exhibit A

It was first suspected that Husband was responsible, either due to an accident or lack of laundry skills. Upon closer inspection, however, it became obvious that this crime was more purposeful and was committed by someone with sharp teeth.

The Case of the Hand Towel Chomper

But who, and WHY?!

We had no leads, so we reached out to you, our furiends and readers, for help. Several left comments on our tip-line, and we recorded a tally of who you all suspected to be responsible for the defiled hand towel.

Delilah – 1
Sampson – 2
Sophie – 1
Sassy – 1
Caster – 4
Kylo Ren – 2
Lucy – 6
Jubilee & Sydney – 4

As you can see, Lucy was a prime suspect, with Jubilee & Sydney also highly questioned. After further investigations though, both parties were cleared from suspicion. Lucy is not a chewer (not even on bones), and Jubilee & Sydney, though they had motive (the towel would make a good addition to their nest, as The Swiss Cats suggested), they had no opportunity. As always, Caster was brought into questioning since he is usually the guilty party, but he had a solid alibi. This left us with just a few more suspects. That’s when it hit us!

One of our dear kitties can’t resist used paper towels/napkins/toilet paper/any paper product that may have something tasty on it. This hooligan has such an obsession with used paper products, that we have to hide the bathroom trash cans in the closets, and we can’t leave soiled paper towels or napkins out on the counter for even a second – or else he will eat them. We realized that Exhibit A (as well as two other hand towels AND a t-shirt found at earlier dates) had been used and potentially had food particles on them. It sure seemed like the aforementioned kitty had graduated from paper products and moved onto textiles!!! Our suspicions were confirmed when he was caught in the act.

So who is this cat with such a strange fetish? None other than…

Sampson - The Hand Towel Chomper: Solved
The Notorious Hand Towel Chomper


He doesn’t even look ashamed. That’s because he’s not.

ConCATulations to Susan from Saddle Seeks Horse! She was the first to suspect sweet Sampy. Honorable mention goes to Rebekah, Sophie’s foster mom. You guys are KCC Super Sleuths!

KCC Super Sleuth Badge

Thanks to everyone for your assistance in closing the Case of the Hand Towel Chomper. We couldn’t have done it without you. Now, we will await the next unsolved mystery, as it is always inevitable.

By Emily