The Love Languages of Cats: Delilah

We are nearing the end of our series on the Love Languages of Cats, with just Delilah and Sassy left to share about. We certainly hope that maybe you’ve learned a little something about the many different ways cats may express their love. Even just in our home of 6 cats, you can see that we cover a wide range on the “Lovey Spectrum,” with Sophie on the extreme lovey side and Caster on the not-so-obviously lovey side. Remember though that just because a cat doesn’t seem to be loving, that doesn’t mean he isn’t. You first have to unlock the key to his love language, and then you will enter into a whole new world of love!

The Love Languages of Cats: Delilah

Delilah is definitely a loving cat, but she can also be temperamental. She whaps, she “bites,” she growls – usually when she doesn’t get her way. Okay, I admit it… Delilah is a brat! But she is a sweet one.

  • Delilah on the TableShe loves to be on you, and she’s demanding about it. Whether I’m on the couch, at the table, at my desk, at the piano, Delilah wants to be on top of me. She is never satisfied with just sitting beside me. She’s pushy about it too. She will just jump or force her way onto my lap, chest, or shoulders, and if I try to get her to just sit next to me, she stays for a second and then inches ever closer until the next thing I know she is back where she wanted to be originally. If I again try to move her, I usually get whapped, nipped, or grunted at.
  • She gives lovey eyes. Big time. You know the look you see couples give each other in movies when they are being really cheesy and going ga-ga over each other? Well, Delilah gives that look a lot. I’ll glance over at her, and I am met with a stare that undeniably says “I love you.”
  • She reaches out for you. When she’s sitting with me AND giving me lovey eyes, she will sometimes reach a paw out towards my face and pat it. It’s like she’s politely asking me to stop what I’m doing and give her my full attention. This is her ultimate lovey combo move.
  • She sleeps on my pillow. Every night. When I get in bed, Delilah jumps up and sits on my stomach or chest while I’m reading or perusing the internet on my phone, impatiently waiting for me to flatten my pillow and turn the light out. Once that happens, she takes her place on my pillow atop my head, where she sleeps for the remainder of the night. She can sometimes be a pillow hog, and when I try to scoot her over she may whap, grunt, or nip me, but I don’t mind. I absolutely love this bed-time routine. I especially love it when she reaches a paw down for me to hold, or when she comes down off the pillow to lay beside me in my arms. While she loves to be on my husband too, and gives him lovey eyes and reaches out for him to same way she does to me, the pillow sleeping routine is a special Deli-and-Mom thing. <3
  • She brings me presents. Sometimes Delilah leaves her pillow perch in the middle of the night to go “hunting.” I know this because occasionally I wake up with not just a Deli on my pillow, but a stuffed owl, carrot, or whatever her toy-of-the-moment-is beside me or in my face.

Sure, Delilah can sometimes get on my nerves when she persistently tries to be on me all the time or when she whaps me (especially when her claws are sharp), but underneath her “brattiness,” you can see that she is a huge love bug. Her love language is just one of insistence 🙂 Once you realize this, it’s hard to ever get annoyed with her because all she ever wants to do is be lovey.

The Love Languages of Cats: Delilah on my Shoulders

Do you have an insistenly lovey cat like Delilah? 

By Emily