Sophie’s Birthday Wish

Guys! It’s my birthday! Can you believe I’m turning 4?!

Sophie's 4th Birthday

We won’t get to celebrate until this weekend, but Mom and Dad say we will be going out on a special birthday adventure. I can’t wait! They just got me a new life vest, so maybe it is related to the adventure somehow… We’ll see!

Anyway, I do have one birthday wish this year, and it’s something that all of YOU can help me with! As you all probably know, I host the #WobblyWednesday hashtag party every week. It is a big highlight of my week, as I get to see all my fellow wobbly furiends online, and we all work together to raise awareness for animals with cerebellar hypoplasia. I would LOVE to see all my furiends and readers from the blog participate this Wednesday for my birthday in a big show of support for wobblies everywhere. It is really easy to participate, I promise, and it would mean the world to me! All you have to do is share a photo/video/blog post relating to cerebellar hypoplasia on any social media channel and use the hashtag #WobblyWednesday along with it.

If you aren’t sure what to share, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite CH posts and videos down below. Feel free to share any of these this Wednesday, or anything else you find – just don’t forget to use the #WobblyWednesday hashtag! This will be the greatest birthday present ever – having all my furiends join me to raise awareness for CH kitties!

Thank you in advance for your support!

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By Emily


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    Happy birthday, Sophie! I can’t wait to see what your humans have planned for you!

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    Melissa & Mudpie

    We’ll make a note to share on Wednesday…and happy birthday, sweet girl!!!

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    Happy birthday Sophie!

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    Three Chatty Cats

    What a great birthday wish, Sophie! Sounds like an adventure may be in the works this weekend…

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    Happy birthday, Sophie! You got new life vest, sounds like something really exciting is planned for this weekend 🙂 Looking forward to photos from your new adventure!

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    Sophie Happy Happy 4th meow day….and what a fine place you have to call home.
    Lucky kitty
    Hugs madi your bfff

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    Brian Frum

    Happy Birthday beautiful Sophie from all of us!

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    Caren Gittleman

    Happy Birthday Sophie!! If you remind us Wednesday, we will share for sure! With Mom’s mind being as it is, there is no way she will remember between now and Wednesday, just sayin………Love, Cody

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    Oh it sounds like you’re going to have a BIG ADVENTURE this weekend for your birthday! We’ll try to remember to post for CH on Wednesday!

    Love, Sammy

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    da tabbies o trout towne

    sophie….a most happee day two ewe, ♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪♫♪ happee day wishes, mice creem dishes & perch pie fishes fora soooooooper grate birth day….we hope yur dayz rockin awesum…..hope ya get lotz oh donuts, N joy….. & heerz two a yeer a head filled with happee nezz & health….we will put thiz post on R side bar for ewe two morrow N leeve it up til next twooz day & hope thiz helpz yur wishes come troo ♥♥♥

    { we borrowed a fotoz frum yur blog; we hope thatz oh kay ~~~~~~~~ }

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    Kitties Blue

    Happy Birthday, Sophie. Happy Happy Birthday, Sophie. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Sophie. Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Sophie. You are a beautiful and special girl, and we are sending you all our best wishes and love. Astrid sends Sampy all her love and a kiss for every wobbly cat everywhere. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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    Ellen Pilch

    We will definitely help you celebrate and spread the word on #wobblywednesday.

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    Deziz World

    Happy Meowday Sophie. Hope your day is purrfect. Can’t wait to see what da surprise is.

    PeeEss: Your blog dosn’t open from your post email. We got an error message that says post and page don’t exist.

    Luv ya’


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    The Island Cats

    Happy Birthday, Sophie! We we definitely pawticipate in your birthday wish. And we can’t wait to hear about your birthday adventure.

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    Lola The Rescued Cat

    Happy Birthday, Sophie!! We can’t wait to hear about your adventure. We will be sure to participate tomorrow!

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    Happy Birthday Sophie! We hope you enjoy your adventure and many, many more!

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    As the World Purrs

    Happy Birthday, Sophie!

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    Happy Birthday to YOU, Sophie!

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    The Swiss Cats

    Happy Birthday Sophie ! Can’t wait to hear of your adventure this weekend ! Purrs

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    Happy Birthday, Sophie. You share your birthday with Drew Carey. I think they should have a show with us humans that are owned by cats. Sprinkling kitty treats & catnip on your blog.

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    What Makes CH Cats Special | #WobblyWednesday - Kitty Cat Chronicles

    […] out to the Cerebellar Hypoplasia Cats & Kittens Facebook Group. What better way to help fulfill Sophie’s birthday wish! Here is what my fellow CH cat parents had to say about their […]

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    The J-Cats

    Happy, happy birthday, Sophie!
    It sounds as if you are going to have a Most Amazing Adventure at the weekend. We can’t wait to hear all about it!

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    Little Binky and Granny

    Happy Birthday, beautiful Sophie. Pawkisses for a wonderful day and 4 Extra for the occasion 🙂 <3

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    Marie Symeou

    Happy Birthday, Sophie!

    We have just shared 🙂

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

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    Jeanne Foguth

    Happy birthday, Sophie and many more!

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    Cathy Keisha

    Happy Birthday Sophie! Mwah! I can so do that cos another blogging furrend of mine has CH also.

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    A very Happy Birthday to You Sophie. We will be glad to do some sharing for you. It is good to get that word out to everyone. Hope you have a most wonderful day and have a great adventure this weekend.

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    Sherri-Ellen T-D.

    Woo Hoo Sophie!!! It’ss yur 4th Birthday!!! Conkatulayshunss deer gurl <3
    Mee iss a bit of a 'wobbly kat' meeself… it iss OK today!
    Wishin you all thee best on yur speshell day an efurry day!
    ***paw kissesss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxxx an {{{hugs}}} LadyMum

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    Katie Kat and Katie Kitty Too

    Hiya Sophie! We comed over from 15 and Meowing to wish you the bestest Birtday Week! Nose kisses fur you dear sweeties…
    -Katie Kitty Too.

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    Happy birthday, sweet Sophie! We love you, and hope your day was awesome (just like you)!

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    Tina Barbour

    Happy Birthday, Sophie! I am so sorry I am late in wishing you much happiness and fun. And I missed the blog sharing. I hope you have a super duper birthday adventure this weekend and will tell us all about it! (((hugs))) sweet girl

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